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Why Shop Global Village?

Saving the retailer time and preserving resources so they can focus on in store activity.

Our team sources product from multiple factories, coordinates that product into a visually appealing collection and assembles the collection on our fully merchandised and recyclable RETAIL READY RACKS.

We harmonize a variety of complementary products to achieve eye catching and revenue generating displays.

With our RETAIL READY RACKS, the time-consuming tasks of sourcing, coordinating and merchandising are eliminated, you simply ORDER, UNPACK and SELL



Racks are optimized to create profits. Each item can sell for 4 to 5 times its cost.  It up to you how you price your items. 


A rack a month will create thousands in profits while only using 1 sq. ft of retail floor space.


Our team of designers draw inspiration from the fashion hubs of the world: Paris, London, Milan, and NY.

They come together to bring you the latest trends. They decide which fashion items make the cut for our Racks. This means our Racks are ever-changing, unique, and trendy.


Our fully merchandised racks come with a tried and true system from start to finish. It takes less than 5 minutes to unpack, set up, and start making sales. Our Retail Ready Racks are a breeze to employ.

You'll be amazed at how hassle-free our system is. Give it a try for yourself!

Choice - The industry's widest selection of styles, colors and unique products - more than 20k SKUs!!!

The Latest Trends - Our designers are constantly researching, designing and refining our product offerings with the latest styles in real-time and creating new offerings.

Profitability - Price points that leave retailers completely flexibility to price at the highest possible margins.

Security - Items that have all been fully vetted and tested to EU quality standards for all materials and construction.

Easy - From receipt of our fully merchandised racks - out of the box and onto your retail floor ready for sale within 5 minutes - to a tried and true system of breakdown and reorder, - our Retail Ready Racks save you time and resourses.


We don't cut corners when it comes to the quality of materials that we use. All of our products are lead and nickel free!

They're produced in facilities that surpass standard quality and labor regulations. They even meet the rigged European Union standards.

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